Thursday, May 30, 2013

10 Things I Like About Trains in Europe

1. No emptying your pockets for the TSA x-ray bins
2. You can schedule a connection for 20 minutes or less and still make the next train because they run pretty close to schedule and the connection is not a 5-mile walk or shuttle ride through the terminal
3. No holding your arms over your head like a criminal in the TSA body scanner (and for me lately, worrying that my pants are going to fall down)
4. You get to see mountains, marshes, lakes, rivers, streams, trees, houses, people, and other pleasant things up close instead of just endless clouds
5. You don't get violated by a TSA groper because the rivet in your jeans flashed hot on the body scanner
6. There's actually enough leg room to cross your legs
7. You don't get nickel, dimed and hundred-dollared to carry your luggage on board
8. You can arrive mere minutes before your scheduled departure
9. No taking your computer out of your carry-on ... and your tablet, and your camera, and your computer power cords, and and and
10. I can leave my boots on ... and my belt, and my jacket, and my coat, and my hat .... and not have to get re-dressed while the TSA-in-charge-of-the-plastic-trays guy/gal glares at me to hurry up
11. They don't lose your luggage

Okay, so I can't count. It was a good ride down to Argeles-sur-mer ... home.

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