Friday, May 24, 2013

EBACE from a Different View

I've spent the last three years at EBACE in Geneva tethered to an exhibit booth as a corporate communicator. If I left the booth to meet someone briefly, there'd be 10 messages waiting for me from people who stopped by the booth while I was gone. I'd generally tour the rest of the displays and the aircraft static on the last afternoon of the event after most attendees had departed. At least you could walk the aisles relatively unimpeded.

This year, as an independent journalist, I've cut the cord and roamed as I wished - catching up with old friends, making new contacts for stories I want to write, appreciating the effort (and the money) that goes into the show-and-sell which caters to billionaires, their poor-cousin millionaires and C-level execs.

On the final day, D-L joined me at the show, and she got a glimpse of my aviation world. She also met some of my friends such as Claire, who did a fantastic job presenting Aerion's supersonic business jet concept (as well as another stellar CAE customer dinner). And Kelly, Daniel, Muriel, Jill, Ian, Grant, Cameron, Diana, Paul, and and and ...

She also got to see some of the aircraft up close, like the new PC24 jet  from Pilatus, a Swiss company, and therefore dear to her Swiss heart.

Missed seeing a couple of friends who couldn't make it over from the States. Given the cost of trans-oceanic travel, the shows are becoming more and more regionalised in terms of attendees. Perhaps they'll make it to the Paris Airshow in 3 weeks.

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