Thursday, May 9, 2013

To the Manor Borne

No mega grocery stores here. But there are a couple of well-stocked local chains with quite amiable folks - Migros, a coop, and Manor. Both are in Vesenaz, a couple miles from Corsier Port toward Geneva. Easy to get to and back via the E bus, which runs every 10-15 minutes, or walking.
Needed to find a flourescent light bulb replacement for the bathroom, select some flowers for the evening's dinner hostess, mail a package for D-L, etc. Found the bulb at Manor, though the UPC code was partially torn and it was the only one in the correct size, so a bit of a challenge with my very limited French to complete the transaction, but a lovely manager tracked down the number. To spread the wealth around the village, purchased the flowers at Migros.

There's wisteria blossoming everywhere this week. It's not only beautiful but très parfumées as well.

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