Friday, June 28, 2013

Bliss is a Book

D-L loves to read. Books, magazines, newspapers, anything with words. When she'd go to La Bartavelle or some other restaurant by herself, the hostess would ask, "A table for you and your book?" Oftentimes she'll have two books with her, just in case she finishes one and cannot bear the thought of not having another to start on. At the English library in Geneva, she'll take out the maximum six books at a time, and finish them within a few days at most.

We've been talking about posting the novels she's written on Kindle to expand her market - she's a terrific writer and deserves a larger audience. (You can check out her current novels at; her eighth, Murder in Paris comes out July 10th.)

D-L also expressed an interest in using a Kindle to read on the train, on the plane ... and I just happened to have one. So we downloaded "The Empty Room" by Lauren B. Davies, who was part of the early Geneva Writers Group which D-L helped start 20 years ago. We set the type font to a comfortable reading size, figured out how to navigate the pages (you're never quite sure these days whether it's a mouse click, a button, a touch or a swipe ... and is the swipe side-to-side or top-to-bottom?). And she was off to her reading.

Every so often, she'd read me a sentence or a paragraph and comment what a good writer Ms. Davies is. When I grabbed my camera for a photo, D-L didn't stick out her tongue.

I brought her chocolate. I brought her tea. I brought her toast. I brought her a banana. She was clearly absorbed in the e-book. Savored the chocolate, which is typical. Barely touched the tea and toast. Ate half the banana.

No, she didn't finish the e-book in one session. Close, though. She announced she'd read 67% of it, and was just as pleased that she knew how much she'd read without having to count total chapters and do the math for the number of chapters yet to go.

When she went off to her Nest to work on the draft of her 10th novel, Murder in Ely, and her financial newsletter, I plugged in the Kindle to make sure it has full power when she returns. She's going to want to finish the book.

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  1. Lauren and I were both part of the early Geneva Writers Group and she is a tremendous writer. It was Susan Tiberghien who started the group that nourished lots of writers like Lauren and myself. But you're right...I am a word addict.