Thursday, June 20, 2013

Living in an Art Gallery

Courtesy of the property owner, we have the daily enjoyment of a place filled with wonderful oil paintings, watercolors, sketches, wood, stone and marble sculptures, decorative vases, and even a stone carved into the form of a fish and embedded into one of multiple natural rock and brick walls.

The gallery largely represents the work of local artists, either year-round residents, including the owner herself (who is Danish), or frequent holiday visitors from various parts of Europe. Some of it is traditional, some of it abstract, all of it interesting and thought-provoking.

She said we could change anything we wanted, but why would we want to? It's all beautiful.

We might put up a couple of personal-type pieces, but it would be difficult to decide which of the current displays to replace. Perhaps we'll come up with some sort of rotation system so we make sure we use all of them throughout the year, mixed with a couple of new favorites. In fact, we may pick up some pieces from other local artists over time - there are so many talented people around here. After all, this is where Picasso, Matisse and other legendary painters worked a century ago because of the bright light and natural colors along the sea.

My words are not necessary to further describe the pleasant atmosphere these pieces create. I'm simply going to post more images and let you enjoy them yourself.

Additional images are posted on my Facebook page: rick.adams.39589.

This furniture piece and sculpture are in the shared entrance foyer.

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