Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Puteaux Airshow

Walking down the stairs from M's apartment yesterday, I glanced out the stairwell window into the inner courtyard. The ground was littered with paper ... but this was not trash. There were several paper airplanes, apparently sailed from a balcony on an upper floor of the 5-story building.

Seems the Paris Airshow spirit is captivating a lot of people this week. Even young people, who may become the next generation of pilots.

This morning I noticed the planes that had safely made it to the ground were all gone. But there were still some on upper balconies that never quite made it to the designated landing area.

I spent this evening with about 100 aviation journalists and corporate comms folks for the Aerospace Media Awards dinner. I especially loved the awards for the best young journalist and lifetime achievement - two people on the opposite ends of their careers, but sharing a passion for telling the fascinating story of flight and the people that make it possible. My friend Thierry Dubois, who lives in Lyon and writes for AIN, won in the category of safety and training. Kudos.

The evening was capped by a stirring speech by Richard de Crespigny, the Qantas captain who led the safe landing of flight QF32 after catastrophic failures to their A380's engines and wiring systems.  You can order his book through the website: I was fortunate to receive an autographed copy.


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