Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The United Nations of Vermeille

On our little street - Rue Vermeille - which is perhaps 100 metres long with about 40 houses (all stuck together, of course), there are at least 10 different nationalities represented:
* French
* British
* Danish
* Swiss
* Dutch
* Slovakian
* Catalan
* Spanish
* Portugese
* American

There's also a very good chance there's an Irish or two, Italian, German, and any of dozens of others - especially during the summer tourist season.

Of the permanent and semi-permanent residents (D-L and I are both), there are four journalists, along with multiple painters, musicians, and other creative types.

Has a bit of a feel of F Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda, Hemingway, and others of the 'Lost Generation' in Paris in the 1920s - except the people here are very down to earth, not full of themselves, and the conversations are not self-centered. (We do, however, solve the world's problems over an apéritif.)

It's almost impossible to walk the streets of the village, even a brief saunter, without bumping into at least one person we know and very often several. People look out for each other, do things for one another out of friendship and not grudging obligation, and support in times both good and challenging.

It has a very 'belonging' feeling.

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