Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aliens and Other Friends

Alien spaceship coming to abduct us?

Spent a relaxed, jovial evening with Heather, Barry, Chris, and Dan ... and H&B's two adorable, perpetual-motion dogs ... at H&B's home out in the countryside west of Montreal. Beautiful home, isolated by tall trees. Sprawling deck out back with a pool, a hot tub with an eerie spaceship-type glow in the dark, and plenty of lawn for the dogs to roam. Fireflies dancing, maybe signalling affection to the torch lamps which warded off mosquitos and other pesky critters. Moon peeking through the pines.

When I lived in Montreal for a few months, H&B were the first to invite me to their (previous) home.

Heather also set me up with her hairstylist, George, a Lebanese immigrant whose shop is in picturesque Pointe Claire and who gave me the best haircuts I'd ever had. I used to hold off getting a trim until my next trip to Canada just so George could cut it. Nice, nice guy. Sad when he lost his wife a year or so ago. Learned that he loved to play golf, and didn't get a chance to go out with him before I exited CAE, but perhaps on a future trip ...

The food was great, the drinks were cold (much appreciated after a day that hovered around a steamy 35-38C / 95-100F). The conversation wide-ranging. One of those nights that could have just gone on and on ... at least until the citronella candles burned out.

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