Wednesday, July 10, 2013

HUGs but Hold The Kisses (for awhile)

I've always liked the acronym for the Hôpitaux universitaires de Genève - HUG. In English, we're inclined to say, 'Hug' with a short u, as in hugs and kisses. Locals actually pronounce it with a long u so it's more like 'huge' without an e.

HUG is most definitely a medical centre that hugs you and wraps its caring and experienced arms around people who are hurting.

Donna-Lane spent a couple days at HUG this week. Not the first time she's been there. HUG played a huge role in getting her through breast cancer a couple of years ago (of course she blogged about it -

This time, D-L's pain was a little higher ... she fell and fractured some bones in her face, around her eye and cheek. (And yes, she's already posted a blog about it -

So she'll be spending a little more time at HUG in the near future - surgery to sort of duct tape the bones back together. I think she was listening to most of what the three handsome young doctors were telling her about how they'd do the operation and there'd be no visible scaring. Actually, they'll use titanium, so maybe in the future she'll set off airport metal detectors just by winking.

Despite the frustration of being in a hospital bed for a couple days with little to do except wait for tests and physician consultations, her humour was always intact. We joked about magnets and eye patches and how someone could put alcohol in the IV drip bag to drug the unwitting patient - maybe a scene for a future novel. Donna-Lane made friends with a Welsh woman in the next bed who had fractured her skull in a fall at the rail station - enroute to see her newborn grandson (she was discharged just prior to D-L, so is enjoying the baby now).

We're back at the house in Corsier Port now, resuming routines.

Last night we had a little household champagne celebration. Partly for D-L's homecoming from HUG. Mostly because Wednesday marked the official publication date of her 8th novel, Murder in Paris ( D-L wrote it, and her good friend and housemate Julia provided the cover photo of the skeleton. You can pick up a copy at an independent bookstore near you or order it on Amazon.

Donna-Lane's face is going to be tender for awhile, now and after the surgery. So her friends will need to hold back a bit on the normal greeting exuberance and reduce the three-cheek Swiss kiss and two-cheek French style (or is it three French and two Swiss?). Maybe one soft peck - left cheek only. 

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