Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Found Ground Harder Than in Dallas

While raking leaves from under the hedgerow, turned up this ringed snail.
To the 'Dirt Doctor' and my amateur gardener friends in Texas, I've actually found ground that's harder than the baked clay around Dallas. It's in Geneva, Switzerland, and not only is the clay denser and pitchfork-resistant, it's also chock-a-block with rocks that'll send shivers through your forearms if you strike one.

J and D-L and I have been discussing how the house might be landscaped differently. Big challenge in that the three of us travel frequently, so it's tough to even maintain a watering schedule. We need plants that can grow in sun or shade, rain or drought, hot or freezing. Not many varieties fit that bill.

But before we can plant, need to clean up the spring weeds. So I attacked the driveway-entrance area today. Started around the roses at the edge, but then there was an unplanted area that was mostly weeds and the neighbor's untamed ivy that keeps invading and climbing the fence and anything else it can latch on to. Plus the unpaved portion of the drive, covered with a green fabric through which weeds still bravely penetrate. And the flagstone patio. And the area next to the garage.

Managed to get it all done, including using the river stones formerly embedded in the dirt and weeds next to the garage to build a sort of retaining wall around the edge of the green fabric. (We'll call it 'Rick-Henge.') It's all an interim step until we can get back here again in a couple weeks and perhaps completely pull up the flagstone and redo the patio, plus pull up the 18-inch aggregate stone pavers that form a walkway and patio and re-use them to extend the driveway. Maybe a checker/chessboard pattern with some new pavers of an alternate color - then we could steal some of the giant chess pieces they use in some of the Geneva parks.

The physical labor is a nice change of pace from writing and the other mental activity that occupies most of my time. I enjoy landscaping. Donna-Lane says she enjoys watching landscaping being done.

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