Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Light at the End of the 'Tunnel'

Yesterday, D-L had a follow-up visit with the chief ortho maxillary surgeon at HUG to check her progress since last Wednesday's surgery. Glad to report the prognosis is excellent. The swelling is not as bad as they expected. And her healing is more rapid than typical ... which I attribute, at least in part, to her positive and feisty spirit. She simply won't let a few cracked bones get in the way of her life. (She'd already written a couple thousand words of her new novel in the early morning hours!)

The best news: in six weeks, she can blow her nose again!

I told her that on that date - September 10 - all her friends around the world could blow their noses simultaneously with her ... we'll have a 'coming out' party in honor of her cleared sinuses.

They took an x-ray of her skull, but I'll not pre-empt her posting it to her own blog -

Since we had to go downtown to the hospital, we had lunch at Marro, then ran some errands along the way - bank, travel agency, Orange mobile phone store. Determining the bus and tram options was a bit of a challenge since they changed some routes and construction detours made for some unfamiliarity. I still marvel, though, how easy it is to get around Geneva and Europe in general via public transportation.

After we came back to the house, I mowed the lawn and washed the outdoor furniture to prepare for Thursday's Swiss Independence Day party. Topped off the day with a bowl of sherbert and a couple episodes of 'Cheers,' which reminded of some good times in Boston many years ago. 

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