Saturday, July 13, 2013

Oh, Canada

In Canada for the first time in about eight months. Used to come here several times a year not that long ago when I worked for CAE in Montreal, and I lived in Lachine for four months when I started the job. Consider Montreal my fifth 'home' ... after Argeles-sur-mer, Geneva, Dallas, and Johnson City NY (where I grew up).

Was interesting to fly out of Geneva, where the skies were clear enough to see Corsier Port on the south side of Lake Geneva (couldn't quite pick out the house because of the tree cover, but could definitely see the port just down the hill). Then, flying over the Saint Lawrence River, could see the park and yacht area at the end of the canal, just a few steps from where I stayed in one of Andre's B&B apartments.

Felt like Yogi Berra's "deja vu all over again" driving from Ottawa - where our original flight was booked before Donna-Lane got hurt and couldn't make the trip. As I passed an exit about 30 minutes outside the capital, the sun was setting and painting a spectacular sky ... in much the same way as the last time I drove from YOW to YUL. That time I pulled off the exit and took a photo, but tonight I was too tired - it was about 4 am 'Euro body clock' time at that point, I'd been up for 21 hours, and I still had more than hour to go (then wasted more time going to the wrong hotel). Right now I've been awake most of 24 hours straight. Zzzzzzz.

Actually had an extended layover at Pierre Trudeau, but could not just grab my bag and stay in Montreal, or the airline would have cancelled the rest of my itinerary down to Dallas later this week. So Alistair and I grabbed a bite to eat ... my choice was the Canadian classic - poutine - otherwise known as a heart attack in a bowl (french fries, cheese, and brown gravy).

Monday I'll get my smoked meat fix at Schwartz's Deli, and pick up 3 or 4 of their seasoning shakers to bring back to France. Yes, D-L, I guess I do sprinkle the Schwartz's on just about everything. Perhaps I'd better buy 5 or 6 shakers - not sure when I'll be passing through Montreal again anytime soon.


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