Friday, July 5, 2013

One Expensive Piece of Glass

Bit of excitement in our normally very quiet Corsier Port neighborhood this morning. A giant crane on wheels wedged itself into the bend of the road adjacent to J's house, positioned to hoist a huge piece of glass over the house across the way to the house that sits beyond that.

First, they tested the positioning of the block and tackle. Then they attached about a 6-foot by 6 red suction cup apparatus, which they used to remove the old 10x10 piece of glass -- obviously cracked and held together with my favorite adhesive ... duct tape! That would kind of spoil the great view of Lac Leman, which is no more than 50 metres down the hill.

(Wonder how the grass got cracked? Sudden weather change? Clumsiness? Something else? I always like to know the backstory.)
When they rotated the old glass back near the truck, they deliberately (I think) dropped it on the sidewalk - I guess shattered glass is easier to transport to the déposer.

Then they attached the new glass and lifted it over the roofs (rooves?) Meantime, the street is blocked off above J's driveway, so we cannot get the car out to go to Migros for groceries -- and I'm badly in need of a Coke Zero fix.

D-L has already blogged about the event as well - her view and photos at:

Chances are good J will have something to say too -

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