Monday, July 8, 2013

Swiss Boating

One of several cruise ships that tour Lac Leman
Haven't been out much since arriving in Geneva last Wednesday, except of course for the Leonard Cohen concert up in Montreux.

D-L had a doctor's appointment (all systems good) and other errands downtown, and I've been hunched over the computer the past few days writing features and planning events. So I decided to meet her in the late afternoon and jumped on the E bus to Rive, then walked across the bridge at the base of the lake.

Surprisingly, Geneva is relatively deserted during the summer. Apparently many of the Genevans head elsewhere for their holidays ... the French coast, for example, where we live about half the time. So the only people around here are vacationers from elsewhere.

It was a great day to be on the lake. Enough of a breeze to push the sailboats along, but not so strong as to make sailing a challenge. Lots of sunbathers along the beach near the yacht club.

Work. Play. Work. Play. Work .... 

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