Thursday, July 25, 2013

The New Normal

Time to settle down, settle in.

Donna-Lane came home from the hospital today, and the prognosis is excellent. No temporary double vision as the surgeons suggested might happen. Relatively little discomfort - some swelling which is quickly going down with the ice packs, some numbness, a little bruising under her eye which will probably look worse over the next few days before it gradually disappears. Lacking her usual full-bore energy, but that's to be expected after the past couple of weeks - the fall, the urgence (emergency), the tests, the diagnosis of multiple fractured bones around her right eye and cheek, the recommendation of surgery, the anxiety of anticipating the surgery and self-debate on whether to go through with it, the being ultra-careful not to bump her "broken" face (such as not riding the bus where she would be at elbow height for many people or where a sudden stop and jolt could catapult her into metal bars), then of course the surgery itself and follow-up x-rays.

It turned out to be a very good thing that she went through with the surgery. The doctor found a few bone fragments floating around in her cheek, which could have caused serious complications in the future as they worked their way toward nerves or blood vessels.

By all accounts, in a month, two at the most, no one will be able to tell physically that she went through the ordeal.

Right after the tumble, two weeks ago today, we celebrated publication of her 8th novel, Murder in Paris, with some dear friends at her favorite cafe in Geneva.

The day of her surgery (yesterday), and today for her homecoming, we celebrated her birthday.

Of course, she came through the trauma with typical D-L aplomb. Never lost her sense of humor and make-the-best-of-it positive outlook. Unlike her breast cancer surgery a couple years ago (, though, this time she did not blog on the way to the operating room.

Surprisingly, she is heeding the take-it-easy advice of Dr. Julia and Dr. Rick, at least for the first day. I expect she'll be on email Friday, perhaps post a blog about the experience (, and will probably start outlining her 11th novel by the weekend.

Still no busses for awhile.  After the Swiss Independence celebration on 1 August, we will drive or take the train down to Argeles-sur-mer. We have a few details to take care of before our wedding on the 10th.

Then, in theory, life will become more 'normal' than the past couple months ... the past year, for that matter. As normal as it can be for us.

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