Saturday, August 3, 2013

Adventures of Scooby in Europe - Enroute to the South of France

Scooby is probably one of the most widely European-traveled pooches ever. American-bred, he'd traveled (with his pawsport, of course) to Edinburgh, Scotland and more recently to Geneva, Switzerland and even high up in the Swiss Alps at Les Marecottes!
But his time on the Continent is running short, so he begged Donna-Lane and Rick to take him to Argeles-sur-mer so he could bask on the beach in the few days he has left before returning to the States. 

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His mistress relented, and SD immediately hopped in the front passenger seat. "Oh, no, you don't," D-L told him, "With Rick driving, I'm riding shotgun. I need to navigate." Scoob slunk into the back seat and whimpered awhile, but soon he was hanging out the window, ears flapping and tongue slobbering.

Unfortunately, Rick and D-L got lost ... in the city of Geneva! A place where they live half the time! How embarrassing. So Scooby had them stop, and he pulled out the map to help them find the autoroute heading south.
After a couple hours, they were all hungry, so they pulled into an Aire where they could get food, diesel, and stretch their legs.

Scooby bounced up the arched walkway that crossed the highway, and dared D-L to come get him. She didn't, so he slid down the railing. Wheeeeee!
Lunch was some veggies, pate, jambon, and frites.
But Rick left his Euros in the car, and the restaurant wouldn't take Swiss francs, so Scoob had to use his ATM card for pay for lunch. (A likely story, Rick!)
After the bottles of Vitel and Coke Zero, they all had to take a leak before getting back on the road. SD couldn't reach the urinal on his own .... no kiddie stool and it was too high to lift his leg. So Rick held him up. Got a few strange looks from the other guys in the men's room, but where do you expect him to do his business -- out on the grass where all the chicks can see him?
 Yes, he washed and dried his paws.
Neither D-L's nor Rick's mobile phones worked - couldn't connect with a network - so Scooby tried to call Julia on a pay phone to wish her a happy birthday. Unfortunately, she didn't recognize his voice (how could she not?) and she declined to reverse the charges.
Traffic slowed down considerably around Montpelier - a combination of the local Friday evening rush hour, vacationers coming and going from the coast (the July crowd leaving, the August crowd arriving), and a three-car crunch on the other side of the highway that triggered a lot of rubbernecking.
Soon, though, they broke free of the jam, and when they started to see signs for Barcelona they knew it wouldn't be long before they arrived 'home' in the village of Argeles.

When Scooby Doo bounded up to D-L's studio 'Nest," he was greeted by a scowling feline, La Petite Cougar - who wasn't quite sure she liked the presence of this big furry beast.
 Stay tuned ...

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