Monday, August 26, 2013


I don't get terribly upset at most things, but I do occasionally get annoyed. Drivers who drive too fast through narrow streets with people close by. Homeowners who leave their automatic sprinklers on after the first freeze and create a sheet of ice in the road. Golfers who take practice putts after they've holed out on a green while other players are waiting to hit back down the fairway.

Today's annoyances are plastic bottles and flies.

The bottles - 3 or 4 or them - are on the roofs of houses opposite the windows in D-L's top floor studio. I suspect they were tossed there by inconsiderate tenants or guests thereof from one of the floors below or an adjacent building. The plastic kinda mucks up the otherwise lovely view of the terra cotta tile roofs. One of these days, if I can figure out how to rig a long-enough stick (at least 20 feet), I'll see if I can dislodge the bottles - hopefully when there's no one on the street below.

Flies are more temporary annoyances because I long ago developed a technique for swatting them. The fly pictured above had the misfortune of flitting around the computer and table where I am working. He and his buddies around here are pretty quick ... but still no match for my technique.

As I was positioning him in better light for the photograph, I noticed he was not quite dead. Defiant little twit. I could swear he gave me the 'finger.'

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