Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back in the Swing of Things

First time playing golf in France. Discovered I can still hit it straight once in awhile. (Actually got to hitting it pretty consistently pure after loosening up.)

Didn't actually play a round. Too busy to do that right now, and the course is quite crowded with visiting vacationers.

But I managed to spend some time on the well-appointed range at Saint-Cyprien Golf Resort, about 10 km from Argeles-sur-mer. The course itself looks quite nice. 27 holes about a mile from the Med, but it winds around an inland bay, so plenty of water to be wary of. Pretty flat, and they allow walking, so I'll have to get a lightweight bag to carry. Walking is absolutely the best way to play golf.

Had a pleasant chat with the resort development director, James, a Scot from St. Andrews, so no language issues there.

Looking forward to playing in November when we get back here after some travel in Switzerland, the UK, the US, and Canada.

Maybe even check out some tournaments in the region if I can get into a periodic practice routine.

I do, however, need to retrieve one of my long putters from storage in Texas. Since it won't fit in my luggage, I'll probably break the shaft and get it re-shafted here at the pro shop.

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