Saturday, August 17, 2013

Creative Canvas

We acquired a unique work of art this morning - a sculpture by one of Donna-Lane's many Argeles artist friends, Miloud, who is originally from North Africa. At a glance, it looks like a flower in a pot. It's actually a dried and partially split palm frond, used as the canvas for four separate works of art.
One side of the 'front' of the sculpture depicts the village of Argeles-sur-mer, where we live, including the church bell tower, which is the visual touchstone for navigating around the streets, as well as the source of familiar quarter-hour chimes and hourly intonation, one ring for each hour (who needs a clock?).
On the other side of the 'front' is the beach and clock tower at Collioure, a popular tourist resort just to the south.
The 'back' shows the sardane, the traditional Catalan dance of the region, as well as a native cactus plant.

Miloud's creative expression will make a superb addition to the already wonderful collection in the space I rent as my office -

A work of art is especially meaningful when you know the artist and how dedicated he is to his craft.

By the way, Miloud has won numerous awards across the years. Talent and hard work do sometimes get recognized.

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