Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dancing Under the Stars

For the second evening in as many, we went dancing in the square. The video is but a small sample of the fun to be had - young, old, and in-between ... graceful and polished or couples with four left feet ... doesn't matter. We dance, talk, drink, talk, dance some more, and enjoy the relatively carefree life in a small village on a warm summer evening with just enough of a cooling breeze.

Before last night's fete, Donna-Lane and I practiced a bit in the confined space of the Nest - some waltz steps and tango ... based on internet videos. Turns out our best number was the Twist.

More on D-L's blog:
A few minutes before 11, the fireworks started, and half or more of the dancers rushed off to watch.

The walk home was all of two short blocks.

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