Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hello, My Love, Can You Bail Me Out of Jail?

Donna-Lane and I have often joked - when we're contemplating doing something particularly foolish - that her daughter Llara may not have sufficient command of French to bail us out of jail.

D-L, how do you feel about a 7-hour train ride from Geneva to bail me out of the Argeles-sur-mer pokey?

On my way to the beach, some flowers caught my eye. So I decided to take photos of "things on my way to the beach" and share them on Facebook (

When I passed the Nationale Gendarmerie (federal police) station, I crossed the street to get a better sun angle on the tri-color sign, flag and interesting curved architecture of the building.

But as I turned to resume my trek to the beach, two gendarmes called out for me to stop. They wanted to know what I was doing. When I explained, they said it was not permitted to take photos of the station. Oops. Parlez anglais? I said I was only photographing the signage, and showed them in the viewfinder the photos I had taken. The detective-looking older officer decided my close-up photos were okay, that I wasn't showing anything that might help some bad guys attack their station, and I was free to go.


I had no ID on me except a business card and about 25-30 Euros. Didn't even have Donna-Lane's phone numbers in Switzerland, which I carry in my wallet, which I left back at the studio.

One of the main characters in D-L's murder mysteries is the Chief of Police of Argeles, Roger, Annie's on-again / off-again fiance. However, since D-L's already published Murder in Argeles, I'm not sure my almost "research" on their fingerprinting process and the interior of the local jail cells would be of much value to her.

It sure felt good to get to the beach.

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