Thursday, August 1, 2013

Independence, Swiss Style

Approaching midnight and, just when it seems the firecrackers are fading a new round blasts off. The Swiss and their expat friends are celebrating the independence of one of the most fiercely independent nations on the planet.

For some of the background on the date, read Julia's blog: I did not realize it's been an official holiday for less than 20 years.

Oh well, any excuse to party is good, and Julia hosts a wonderful annual event. Friends, neighbors, babies ... all welcome. We set out every outdoor chair and table we could find and used them all. The 3-corner fabric I rigged over the patio off the winter garden held up surprisingly well, considering my total lack of engineering expertise. But the late afternoon sun from the Ouest was too hot and too bright, so we retreated to the relative cool of the shaded parking area on the other side of the house.

Met several new and fascinating people who are originally from the States (including Syracuse, where I went to college), the UK, the Philippines, and elsewhere. From landscape designers to UN WHO leaders to university professors. Conversations were a mix of French, English, and Franglish.

Tomorrow D-L and I will head down to Argeles-sur-mer and try not to get lost via the Grenoble route (once the site of the Winter Olympics). Gonna miss the Genevois, but will be nice to see the Argelians again, including some of the summer holiday folks who will be joining us for our ceremony next week.

Fireworks still? I can sleep through anything.

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