Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leader of the (Paper) Pack

Okay, I have to admit it. Donna-Lane is right. I'm not just a paper hound; I'm a whole kennel. (Which is somewhat better than I used to be - I was more like the entire national SPCA!)

I have probably wasted more time in my life moving papers around, looking through semi-random stacks trying to find that document that I knew I saved for just the right moment. Which is rather silly - when I could instead be wasting time reading Facebook posts and other web surfing, right?

D-L left me ... well, for a few days. She went up to Geneva to see various people, and I still have things to do in ASM this week. Like organizing my papers.

The photo above is the before. The photo below is the after, and is to assure D-L that I have not totally destroyed her almost-always neat Nest.

Now that I'm (temporarily) organized - everything in colored folders with elastic bands to hold it all in - I'm sure I won't be able to find a thing.

The next challenge, made somewhat easier by the new orderliness, is to decide which folders to take on the train to Geneva and which subset of those to take on my upcoming flights to the UK and US ... since I'll be working in all three places. I'm always pushing the airline luggage weight limits, primarily because of paper.

I know, I know ... I should scan my documents and keep them on a hard drive. (Don't need a backup; the NSA is doing that for me.) But scanning/filing takes time ... and an organized file folder system on the computer, which has also always eluded me.

The good news is that I rarely, rarely, rarely ever lose an important document. It may take me a couple days to find it, but I know it's in there somewhere!

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