Monday, August 19, 2013


Serona ham, duck sausage, pasta salad, tuna salad, baguettes, watermelon, cantaloupe, and a little champagne. Typical French picnic with friends P&P and Barbara ... in a shady spot next to a 100-acre lake in the shadow of the Pyrenees, not far from Le Boulou.
After the obligatory hour wait after lunch, some of us swam, some waded, Philippe snorkled. There were a wide variety of other activities available, especially for kids - a labyrinth of rope bridges and other climbing apparatus in the trees, a zip line that finished in the shallow end of the water, bounce-house type inflatables for diving, pedal boats, kayaks, and electric-powered skimmers. On an adjacent lake they offered a new attraction - wakeboarding - except the surfers are propelled by a line suspended overhead around the entire lake perimeter. Will have to try that next time (line was rather long on a long holiday weekend Sunday).
Then we retired to P&P's condo in the village, where they've added a rooftop balcony with a spectacular view. The mountains in the distance represent the border between France and Spain. Below is the horseshoe bend and broad waterfall of Le Tech river, which winds its way from the top of the mountains to the west and feeds into The Med near Argeles-sur-mer's plage nord.
A few metres down the road is the church, parts of which were originally constructed in Roman times.

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