Thursday, August 8, 2013

Play Time!

Pssst! Scooby! PSSSST! Are you there?

Little Cougar?

Yessss, it's me. Over here - by the patio.

Scooby Doo loped out onto the patio of the ground-floor apartment where his mistress had left him for the day (she went to the beach). But he didn't see anyone.

Up Here! Above you.

SD turned his floppy neck upward, and there was his little love muffin, peering over the railing. The patio had no roof.

Climb up! It's time to play!

With some difficulty and much determination, Scoob clambered up the rubber plant, which reached almost to the top. Petite Cougar grabbed his paw with her nails to help him the final step. Ouch! Scooby exclaimed.

Sorry. It's the only way I can hold onto something as big as you.

They were then able to slide down a vine on the backside of the upstairs patio, and off they bounced together ... down Rue de la Liberte, turning at Rue de la Republique (not busy today, as there was no marché), over the rise, then across the long footbridge which spanned a dry river.

They had arrived at the boules fields, where men, women and children were playing an ancient and simple game with three large balls and one small target ball. Scooby and Cougar chose a court on the far side so as not to disturb the other players, some of whom clearly regarding them as amateurs because they didn't have the shiny silver balls like the other groups.

No matter. They had great fun.

But it was getting a bit warm in the sun, especially since they couldn't remove their fur coats. So they ambled back to D-L's nest, paw in paw. 

Weeks before, when she had been left alone in Argeles, PC had spotted some little table tennis paddles - just their size - a net and a white ball.

Cougar was far more nimble and beat Scoob every time. He's certainly no Roger Federer. One game, PC let him win so he wouldn't get discouraged and quite playing. Scooby said she only won most of the time because she crowded the net so much.
They thought about trying some other 'games,' since they were alone, but it was getting late in the afternoon and SD's mistress would probably be back from the beach soon. So they put away the paddles and boules set, right where they'd found them so no one would know they'd ever used them. Then Scooby worked his way back down the rubber plant into the still-locked ground-floor apartment only two doors down the street ... only to walk into a big surprise!

Details soon ...

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