Monday, August 12, 2013

Ribbons and Rings

My radiant bride, Donna-Lane
For one of the rare times in my life, I am struggling for the words to describe my thoughts and feelings.

We were married Saturday, Donna-Lane and Rick. I could not be happier ... did not know it was possible to be this happy!
We chose for our ceremony the medieval rite of 'hand-fasting' in which three ribbons - silver, gold, and platinum - were tied around both our hands to symbolize our commitment to each other. Accordingly, we dressed in medieval-style outfits. D-L looked stunning in a dress made by her friend Barbara and a corona des fleurs in her hair. Presiding was 'Father' Robbert Auer, who resembled an ancient priest.

We also exchanged matching silver rings.

Yes, I choked up when I tried to say my vows to Donna-Lane, even though I had rehearsed them numerous times. I cannot express how much she truly means to me without getting emotional. I did finally get through the vows, including a little francais at the end.

The ceremony, which we wrote together, was simple. The reception feast was amazing, catered by La Noisette. And we marvelled at the support from friends - a very international group: French, Swiss, Danish, English, Scottish, Syrian, South African, American - some walked, others drove, took long-distance trains, a few flew thousands of miles to be with us ... from both the East and West Coasts of the US.

We ate. We drank. We talked. Pierre Bernard, who is first chair for a major Swiss orchestra, played the cello. We danced a little. Cut the cake. Took pictures. Drank and talked some more. All routine for weddings. Yet this was very special because of the people who were there. It was a testament to Donna-Lane, really, and the loving friendships she has nurtured in so many ways across the years.  
I am indeed a lucky, lucky man to have found my ├ómes-soeur, my soul-mate ... 

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