Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scooby Goes to Market

Mmmmmmmm .... fresh raspberries and strawberries!
Scooby Doo tagged along with Donna-Lane and Rick to the marché Wednesday. The marché is an open-air street market with hundreds of small stands set up by local farmers with fruits, vegetables, spices, flowers, and meats ... as well as very low-cost clothing (mostly pour femmes), jewelry, handbags, belts, bedding, toys, crafts, etc.

They close down the three main streets in the village of Argeles-sur-mer, and as you can see they are jammed with people, especially during July and August when the population expands from 10,000 locals to 100,000 vacationers.

The marché here is every Wednesday and Saturday. Other towns throughout France have them on different days. 

Scoob was concerned that one or more of all those jostling people might inadvertently bump D-L's face, still healing from the operation, so he insisted on being held on her right side - that way his soft body would absorb any wayward elbow.

On the way back from the ATM, Scooby caught the eye of an unfriendly scruffy black dog. SD tried to show him a couple of tricks to lighten the mood - like rolling over on his back and looking at Blackie upside down. But the mutt just barked all the louder.

Maybe he was jealous that he was on a leash and Scoob was not.

Scooby also checked out the rack of postcards. If he decides to stay in Europe with Petite Cougar, he'll want to send a card to Llara from time to time after she has moved back to the States. (PC didn't join the journey to the marché - she stayed back in the Nest - see D-L's blog: 
The British Brownie Lady was not there (dang) and the new boulangerie had no chocolate eclairs (do they not know Inspecteur Rick is back in town?), but it was rather late in the morning so perhaps the touristes had gobbled them up early.

On the other hand, there were plenty of rotisserie chickens to choose from. So Scooby picked one out, and the nice man ladeled plenty of extra broth into the bag. Add some of the fresh beans, tomatoes, and little potatoes, and it was going to be a wonderful farm-to-table lunch.
Fun morning, but SD missed PC a lot, and it was nice to get back and nuzzle her furry face again.

Life is good in Europe ...

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