Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Expensive Lesson

Quelqu'un tourner dans le billet de train ?

Always said I'd lose my head if it weren't stapled on.

Purchased my train ticket to go up to Geneva the end of the week. Then decided to check out the hours at the post office since I needed to get a stamp to mail a card (didn't have the card with me, though).

At the post office, they have self-service machines, but you need to weigh the card/letter on the scale on top so the machine knows what to charge you.

Not having the card with me, I used a substitute of about the same weight - the train ticket (actually two tickets for the three legs of the trip).

Paid for the stamp, retrieved the stamp and receipt from the basin at the front of the machine ... and walked out of the post office, leaving my train tickets sitting on top of the machine.

Hoped some Samaratin might turn them in, so I went back to the post office when they opened this morning, and in my best Franglais inquired as to whether the tickets might be there. Three nice ladies all looked around counters and in drawers, but to no avail.

So I trekked back to the train station, and repurchased the ticket - for another 70 Euros (about US$90).

Que puis-je dire ? Parfois, je suis un idiot.

To console myself, I stopped at the boulangerie and got a religieuse chocolat - kind of a small custard cream puff on top of a larger chocolate cream puff.

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