Monday, September 30, 2013

Jurassic Parc

One of the joys of sojourning in Geneva is the daily view of the Jura Mountains on the opposite side of Lac Leman from Corsier Port.

The 'mood' of the mountains changes, not only each day, but sometimes by the minute. It might be blue skies and wispy clouds, below which you can seem to see every ridge and crevace of the range - which stretches for 360 km from Germany to France, from the Rhine River to the Rhone. Then on some mornings, you cannot see the mountains through the overcast skies. Perhaps you can glimpse portions of the town of Versoix at the base, though sometimes the fog is too heavy even for that.
Yesterday afternoon, as D-L and I were taking it in from a bench on the beach, a sort of 'portal' opened in the clouds, revealing just a faint outline of mountains, as if beckoning us to come through the portal into another world. (I think I've already done that, so Harry Potterland can wait for another time.)

And then there are the magnificent developing storms from the west, usually signalled initially by a splatter of rain on the skylight over the attic office desk.
The Jura give their name to the geological timescale known as the Jurassic period, but this Jurassic Parc has no dinosaurs (that I've heard of). It is a great place for hiking, cycling, and skiing. And in the towns along its foothills, the Swiss watchmaking industry developed. At high altitude (some peaks exceed 1700 meters / 5600 feet), you might even visit Sainte-Croix, renowned for music boxes.

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