Friday, September 20, 2013


The Plainpalais area of Geneva is located close to Old Town on the southwest side of the city, and is home to the largest marche /  flea market in the area (operated since 1848). It also has a lively arts community with numerous bookstore-cafes, music shoppes, and galleries. 

D-L and I were invited by a former work colleague of hers to attend a jazz jam session by a band of young men. So we caught the bus to Rive, then the tram heading toward Carouge. 

It was a nice evening, no rain and not too cool, so she suggested we hop off at Plainpalais and walk the rest of the way. She assured me she knew where the jazz / gallery was located (I’ve learned to be suspect of her navigation abilities, but I had not printed out the directions, so was at the mercy of her memory). 

At the Plainpalais tram stop, there are three life-size statues of what appear to be fellow travelers. In fact, the first time we walked through there I almost bumped into one and started to say, “Pardon moi” before realizing it was not real. 
One of the wonderful features about many cities in Europe is the public art – even the small villages have erected statues, sculptures, photo exhibits, and decorate with an abundance of flowers. 
Yes, we found the jam session - Donna-Lane's description is on her blog, The ExPat Writer:

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