Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Great Global Nose Blow

Two months ago, Donna-Lane fainted, fell, and cracked some bones in her face, requiring surgery. A by-product of the healing process was that she could NOT blow her nose or cover her nose/mouth if she sneezed ... lest she jar loose the titanium plates and pins the surgeons inserted to hold her cheekbones in place.

How often do we each blow our nose without thinking twice about it?

So after receiving a clean bill of health this afternoon, and joined by friends from around the world all blowing in unison, D-L was once again able to clear her sinuses.

You can read about Donna-Lane's relief - and see the video - on her blog: http://theexpatwriter.blogspot.ch.

Or view the video on YouTube at: http://youtu.be/yMiZf_3nS3U.

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