Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Time to say 'Au revoir, bientot'

Summer is over. And so is my five-week sojourn in Argeles by the sea.

It's been wonderful seeing all our friends from around Europe and even a few from the States, and our wedding ceremony was a magical time.

Donna-Lane is in Geneva, having just watched her daughter fly to the US to start a new chapter in her life. (

By Friday, I'll be with D-L in Geneva, inshallah. (If I can manage not to lose my train ticket again -

We have places to go, people to see. D-L's readings from her novels to writer groups. Friends arriving from Paris. Aviation conferences in London, Las Vegas, and Berlin. Visit the kiddos in Texas. A leading-edge media event in Lausanne. The Evian women's pro golf tournament. Bern to watch the cows parade down from the mountains.

Then back to Argeles in November and again in December for Christmas.

Til then, gonna miss the narrow streets, the familiar faces, the beach, the church bells, the misty mountains, D-L's Nest ...

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