Saturday, September 21, 2013

Walk, Write, Walk, Write

Writers sharing about writing. What a pleasant and inspiring way to spend a Saturday morning.
The Geneva Writers Group met at Webster University, where Donna-Lane used to teach creative writing (so she knew how to get there - walk, bus, bus, breakfast, walk, bus, walk ... not having a car is great exercise ... and less stress when you consider the Bentley-Audi accident we witnessed on the way home). 
After a two-hour workshop by Susan T on creative non-fiction, including travel writing (good prep for resurrecting my GolfPerspectives website/blog) and op-ed (draft letter to the DMN editor on the unfairness of FATCA), D-L did a reading from her recently published Murder in Paris (Hardcover or Kindle via Amazon: She also described the key characters in her Third Culture Kid mystery series - of which MIP is the 4th - and her approach to writing, marketing to publishers, agents, and a laugh or three ... 
Arriving back in downtown Geneva, we paused at the Starbucks on Rue du Mont-Blanc (and it was clear enough to see the snow-covered peak of Mont Blanc in the distance).

A year and a summer ago, after not seeing her for 24 years, I had invited D-L to meet me at Starbucks for a cup of coffee. At the time, it was one of the few places in Geneva I knew how to get to for sure. We rendezvoused there, but did not stay, as she whisked me away for dinner at Cafe du Soleil. So today, finally, we actually had beverages at S'bucks. And did a little re-enactment of that first reunion.
It was such a beautiful Fall day, we walked across the bridge to the Rive bus stop, pausing to take in the always amazing Jet D'Eau, which today featured a rainbow over the sailboats moored along the quai and cloud formations that could have been rendered by an artist's strokes.

Now back home, it's time to apply some of that writing advice.

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