Sunday, September 15, 2013

Went to France for Chinese

The first time I heard Donna-Lane say, "Julia and I went to France for Chinese for lunch," the remark struck me funny.

Now I can say it myself. The three of us drove from Switzerland to France to the Royal Asiatic buffet in St. Cergues.

A long way to go? Not really ... well, at least not normally. Only about 5 kilometers, as we're pretty close to the border. However, today we seemed to get there by a rather circuitous route which may have gone through Germany, Sweden, and Liechtenstein!

We couldn't use the normal route, straight up the hill through Corsier village, as they were staging a soap box derby. Then there was the unexpected construction at the turn-around interchange at the highway exit. 

When we finally arrived, the food and service was well worth the detours. Ailes poulet and poulet Thai, canard laque, boeuf Sichuan, calamari a l'ail ... and some superb mango sherbet to finish.
After the meal, the weather was transitioning from multi shades of grey skies to brilliant blue breaking through bright white clouds. D-L and I decided to walk down the hill through the village, so Julia dropped us off at the roundabout. The soapbox derby was still on - postponed, no doubt, because of the morning rain.
The mid-September weather is starting to cool, much to D-L's delight. And it's nearing time for the grape harvest in the many fields that line the hillsides.
Next time we come up to Switzerland, there will likely be snow, most certainly on the mountains. Hopefully there will be few occasions to call on the Swiss national dog ... though he's pretty smart - he can even read directional signs!

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