Sunday, September 22, 2013

Will It Fit?

Flying over to London for three aviation conferences and two publisher meetings in four days. Taking EasyJet, and got a great fare. And, unlike some airlines, EasyJet does not yet charge for carry-on luggage.

So this is perhaps the first business trip I've taken of more than two days in which I will try to carry everything I need with me. D-L is used to this drill, but I argue that her clothes are smaller and lighter weight than mine.

The maximum size for a carry-on is 50 cm (about 20 in) x 40 (16) x 20 (8) - if you want to guarantee that the bag stays with you and doesn't get relegated to the hold.

Let's see: two pair of slacks, plus the pair I wear; blazer; four shirts; one tie should suffice; computer (and power cord - forgot that one time when I went to Dubai); camera (and power cord - download files so there's plenty of available memory); audio recorder (and spare batteries); smartphone (and charger); electrical converters; one pound coins and a 5-GBP note left over from the last UK pass-through; a novel to read on the flight or during those lonely nights in the hotel; business cards; boarding pass; hotel confirmation; directions here and there ... oh, and don't forget the mini-Oreos (the little blue packet with the red triangle in the corner).

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