Thursday, September 19, 2013

You Skylight Up My Life

This is the view from the attic ' office' in Corsier Port, looking over Lake Geneva to the Jura Mountains, when I stand up and open the skylight window. (Okay, I also have to stand on a chair to see this much, but nonetheless.)

When I am seated at the desk, I can be treated to a day-long multi-media show: clouds of all hues and varieties, the contrails of a military jet streaking across the blue, raindrops, the wind rippling through the oak tree which is another 20 feet above the roof, and an intermittent acorn.

I'll often shut the shade on the skylight, at least partway, because when I see the bright skies (like today, after a week of on-and-off rain), I'm tempted to go for a leisurely walk by the lake.

There's a skylight in the bedroom which faces the rising sun (great for morning reading), and the one in the office faces the west. What a marvelous vantage point to watch the sunset.


  1. The view sure is a sight to behold, Rick! Having a skylight really has its perks and this is one of those perks! How are your skylights now? I hope you take good care of them by checking regularly for areas that may need repair. Funny, right? How a simple window can set your mood and get you inspired for the days to come.

    James Green @Ohio Exteriors

  2. I've been hoping to get a skylight put in. I would bring really great natural light. My room gets really dark at night.