Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh, the Agony

Got out the hacksaw and cut my putter in half. Sorry, friend; it's better this way.

I supposed I could have simply snapped it over my knee, as I used to do with misbehaving golf clubs when I was a teenager.

But my Rife broomstick putter has been very, very good to me, especially considering I got it free from the manufacturer at the PGA Merchandise show a few years back, thanks to my buddy Art. (He always said the pay in golf writing is lousy but some of the perks aren't bad.)

Why did I have to cut it? That's the only way it will fit in my suitcase to get it over to Europe. At 48 inches, it was too long to fit my golf travel bag. Shipping it would cost at least $100 and checking it as an extra piece of luggage would also cost $100. For less than half that, I can get a new shaft and grip in Saint Cyprien - and it needs a new grip anyway.

And, no, the broomstick putter is not 'illegal' by the new USGA rules. What's no longer allowed is 'anchoring' the club against your body - I can still use the club. Though I'm sure I will have to explain that to everyone I play with for the next few years.

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