Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sleeping on a Film Set

Just spent a few days with my daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and granddaughter in Dallas on either side of a business aviation conference in Las Vegas. Pleasant, hectic, invigorating, a bit of sadness, fun, did I say fun?, more fun, fascination …

I slept in what was once Sawyer’s bedroom, which became Georgia’s playroom when he moved upstairs to bunk beds, which more recently became a production set for filming. Sawyer is an actor, and Georgia makes her stage debut this week in Honk! (Sawyer is the lead: Ugly, as in Ugly Duckling.) The room was set up as a bedroom for shooting a portion of an Indie film a couple weeks earlier, so Alicia and Bryan decided it would make a good place for me to keep my suitcases and sleep.

The best mornings were weekends when S and G would bounce into ‘the set,’ armed with books, toys, and video games. We’d just hang out for awhile until it was time for breakfast.

Over the course of portions of about a dozen days together, we went to Dave & Buster’s for arcade games (Sawyer is a champion ticket-generator), the Meatballs 2 movie, a neighborhood Halloween event with plenty of games and candy, watched an episode of Walking Dead zombies on TV (had never seen it before … 5-year-old Georgia says nonchalantly, ‘It’s just makeup, Papa’), read some stories (G even read one to me to show her new vocabulary skills), watched Georgia’s softball practice, took G to her gymnastics class, and showed some videos I shot of Argeles-sur-mer and Geneva.

I got to see dress rehearsal for Honk! – for which they’d best hand out tissues with the playbill because Sawyer’s opening song about being “different” is going to make just about everyone cry.

I don’t know how Alicia and Bryan maintain their overly full schedule of work, school prep and related school events, acting classes, auditions (including frequent 7-hour roundtrips to Austin), theater production rehearsals, costume/wardrobe planning, and the typical physical and emotional needs of a 9-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl. I get tired just watching the whirlwind, much less being caught up in it for a time.

They actually have a spreadsheet to keep track of where everyone is supposed to be. This is Tuesday? That would be school for S and G, work for A and B, followed by acting class for S, play rehearsal for G, and maybe Scrooge rehearsal for A (she’s playing Mrs Cratchit this year). Whew!

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