Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My grandson Sawyer Bell has the lead in Honk! Jr., a musical theatrical version of Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling.

The story has a great message for all of us about prejudice against someone who may be different, whether nationality or skin color or disability or personality.

Here are part of the lyrics: 

I didn’t choose to look this way
I didn’t want to be unique
I don’t like these grubby feathers
And I hate my stubby beak
There’s a runt in every litter
One black sheep in every flock
But when you know it’s you
Somehow your ego takes a knock
Different is just … well … different 

Having lived recently in another part of the world than the one I grew up in and in which I’ve spent most of my life, I’ve adopted a much broader perspective … and tolerance … for people, places, cultures which are ‘different’.

The conclusion of the story, of course, is that ‘Ugly’ (what a name to be saddled with) was really a swan all along. But we miss the point if we now think the swan is beautiful but the ducks, the turkey, the frog, and others are less beautiful.

The true message is in the final lyrics: 

Somewhere out there
We don’t know where
Someone will care
They’re gonna love ya warts and all

Out there, somewhere, someone’s gonna love ya … 

Money, material things, fame, so-called beauty – ultimately none of it will be satisfying. But friendships, relationships, love will not only satisfy, they will last a lifetime.

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  1. I will love you even if I do find warts in the future