Thursday, November 28, 2013

All-American Pre-Thanksgiving

It was the day before Thanksgiving in the US, and we're in Switzerland ... so naturally we went to the American Diner in downtown Geneva.

Donna-Lane describes it a bit in her blog:

I had wanted to go there just to see what they had on the shelves of the American Store upstairs (secretly hoping they had more Orville Redenbacher's cheddar popcorn ... but alas, not this time).

D-L had suggested we get there early because the diner is often packed - and it became so - fortunately we were the first ones, a little before Noon, so we got a corner booth from which we could watch the bustling wait staff and the French-speaking patrons feasting on traditional Yankee (and Yanqui tex-mex) fare.

Together, we ordered a cheeseburger, chili dog, coleslaw, cheese fries (which D-L had never had before), an A&W root beer, and a bottle of Boston's finest, Sam Adams.
Hunny Bunny and Herr Hare had snuck into my backpack. They wanted to get out of the house because Petite Cougar was still upset at their dereliction of Scooby-sitting duties (

They got all excited when they saw the old-fashioned jukebox and found one of their favorite songs: Bunny Hop. (Or, as they would say here, saut de lapin.)
Today, Thanksgiving, we're actually having a traditional turkey dinner - yes, in Switzerland: Our feast will begin about 1230 US Central time, around the time our American friends will be digging into your drumsticks or watching the Patriots score again on the Texans (Go Pats!).

Happy Thanksgiving to friends and family. We know there have been sad times this year, as well as good times. Cherish the memories of them all for what they teach us and for the wonderful people they represent. Donna-Lane and I wish you the blessings of authentic friendships, shared experiences, and dreams realized in the year ahead.

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