Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Caught Short in Corsier

After much pleading and whimpering, we agreed to bring Petite Cougar, Hunny Bunny, Herr Hare, and Scooby Two with us on the train trip up to Geneva.

Petite Cougar said she was eager to see Lady Leopard again, and the others had never seen Switzerland ... or snow.

The trip wasn't bad, despite a delay on the 2nd train which caused us to catch a later connection from Lyon. And the four of them seemed to settle in nicely, enjoying exploring the big house in Corsier Port, snug in their fur coats (0-degree C outside). So we felt comfortable leaving them alone for the morning while D-L and J went downtown to book their trip to Malta ( and I picked up some groceries in Vesenaz.

When we arrived home, Cougar and the bunnies were stacked, as you see above, and rather frantic ... and little Scooby Two was nowhere to be seen.

Until we heard a nervous little laugh and glanced up ...
Just like his adventuresome (and absent in America) dad, Scooby Doo, Two was literally up to no good. He decided he wanted to try to open the skylight window in the attic bedroom ("to let in some fresh air," he claimed) ... and got his shorts caught on the handle.

Good thing he's been gaining weight and the shorts were tight ... it would have been a long fall to a hard floor, and probably would have knocked the stuffing out of him.
Not sure how he got up there in the first place, though his nails are pretty sharp.

And weren't the bunnies supposed to be babysitting? Wonder what they were doing ...

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