Friday, November 8, 2013

Clouds on a Whim

Donna-Lane and I saw the most amazing cloud formation this evening. The photo above has similarities, but does not come close to what we witnessed. (Did not have time to grab a camera, as the sun was setting fast.)

Have never seen anything else quite like it, nor ever expect to again, but it is etched in memory.

From the bridge over the dry river at the edge of Argeles-sur-mer centreville, we saw nearly symmetrical streaks of clouds which appeared to emanate from within the Pyrenees Mountains to the west; the streaks began, or so it seemed, from a central point and fanned out, stretching over our heads and beyond to the Mediterranean Sea to the east. It was as if 100 aircraft had each tracked to a different point on the compass, leaving contrails which expanded into illuminated cloud pathways.

What started as a whim - the azure sky, setting sun, and partial glimpses of unusual clouds seemed too good to pass up. I dashed up to D-L's Nest, where she was working on Novel No. 10, and urged her to come see the sky with me.

We hurried down rue Vermeille to the church plaza, where the view would be broadest, and it was magnificent, including the new angels on pedestals (which play a role in her Murder in Argeles -

Then D-L said, 'Come on," and led me up rue de la Republique, through the side streets, down the steps to rue Nationale - where we could see the darkening sky framed against the mountains. Then up past la Poste to the bridge, where we reveled in one of those special moments which seem to occur frequently in this little slice of paradise.

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