Thursday, November 7, 2013

Inroducing Hunny Bunny and Herr Hare

Donna-Lane and I were away from Argeles-sur-mer for about two months, and when we returned we kept hearing noises in the “warren” (the name we’ve given to the ground floor space I rent as an office – it steps down from foyer to kitchen and again from kitchen to den, so it seems a bit subterranean). 

At first we thought it might be mice or a stray kitty, but the noises were less a squeak and more a squeal, a bit like happy laughter or giggles. 

We finally discovered the source – a pair of white rabbits named Hunny Bunny and Herr Hare (they’re from the Swiss-German border region). 
L-R, Herr Hare, Hunny Bunny
They told us they had decided to venture south for the winter, and had heard about this quaint village with an expansive beach … and abundant locally grown carrots and other veggies. As they were hopping along rue Vermeille, bracing against the stiff Tramantane winds, they spotted our open door (Gerard was repairing the jamb) and scurried in to rest. They fell asleep on the couch pillows, and by the time they awoke Gerard was gone and the door locked tight. 

So they stayed, cowering somewhat in fear of the expected anger when the human apartment owners returned. (They had been swatted with a few brooms along their journey.) But no humans came … days turned into weeks, turned into months … so Hunny Bunny and Herr Hare settled in. Twice a week marche days provided all the food they needed. The TV didn’t work, but they found other ways to occupy their time. 

After calming their initial concerns, we assured them they were welcome to stay. There’s plenty of room in the warren for all of us. Just, we asked, keep the noise level down while we’re writing.

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