Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Surprise in the Snore Room

You might recall earlier this month on Donna-Lane's blog that Petite Cougar had quite a surprise for us when we returned to Argeles-sur-mer: Scooby Two (and the father having departed indefinitely for Boston without even knowing he had sired a 'soft'spring) -- http://theexpatwriter.blogspot.ch/2013/11/petite-cougar-had-major-surprise-for-us.html.

It was about the same time we discovered a couple of cuddly bunnies in our Warren: Herr Hare and Hunny Bunny (http://lovinglifeineurope.blogspot.ch/2013/11/inroducing-hunny-bunny-and-herr-hare.html), who just happen, like us, to be addicted to reading (http://lovinglifeineurope.blogspot.ch/2013/11/theyre-addicted.html).

What we hadn't thought about was the four of them meeting.

One day, not long ago, we heard a shrill "Eeeeeeeeeek" coming from the 'snore room.' (http://lovinglifeineurope.blogspot.ch/2013/11/the-older-better.html). Quickly followed by an eager, "Rowwwf, rowwwwf, rowwwf!" And a, "Scooby Two, get back, they might be dangerous!"

We found Cougar and Scooby Two high on a shelf, while Herr Hare and Hunny Bunny were cowering under the bed.

After calming them all down, we assured the surprised and shaking creatures that everyone in the room was harmless.

Scooby Two, of course, immediately wanted to play with the new friends, who were closer to his size, and Petite Cougar quickly realized the situation for what it could be: built-in babysitters!

Since they have the run of the Warren, we never know where we'll find them when we get home. They can cavort all they want -- just don't touch the computer, and no lighting the candles.

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