Thursday, November 14, 2013

They're Addicted

It was inevitable. With so much reading material in the Warren, Hunny Bunny (on the right with the hearts belt) and Herr Hare have caught the reading bug. They have a little trouble holding a book, even a paperback, so they improvised with a propped up tome that D-L left on the nightstand.

At least it keeps them out of trouble for awhile. (They like to hide - in plain sight - and we've found them in the mums, on the sculptures, on the drape rods, swinging from a sling, and of course under the covers. No little cottontails yet, thankfully.)

Their choice of reading material is whatever's lying around (or propped up), so at the moment I guess that's a book on conspiracy theories through history and Ludlum's massive Sigma novel. That should keep them out of the chandelier for a few days. (Oh wait, we don't have a chandelier.)

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