Monday, November 11, 2013

Today We Went to the Circus, the Race Track, and the Airshow

The modelers and miniaturists were staging their 5th annual Salon du Modelisme in Argeles on this long holiday weekend, and I was delighted that D-L finished proofing her Murder in Ely novel and opted to go with me. Didn't know what we'd find, but it's always more fun to do something together rather than solo.
In the first of three buildings we saw the circus -- a 10-foot-long table complete with miniature big top, train, parading animals on the boulevard, dancing horses, and a hundred other little animals and people, many of them in motion.
Around the corner we saw a flotilla of ships - from passenger cruise ships to aircraft carriers and frigates. In a large temporary pool, a group of "Argonauts" in red t-shirts were navigating their remote control bateaux, one of which was being chased by a tiny and therefore not-so-scary shark. 
In another building there were extensive model railroad set-ups with incredible levels of detail -- not just tunnels, bridges, and station buildings, but also dozens of sheep in a field, rows upon rows of grapevines up a hillside (in France, of course) ... but did not notice any golf courses (which is what I built a model car track around when I was a kid).
I'll let Donna-Lane describe her conversation with a woman whose husband built an incredibly detailed replica of La Maison de Champagne (
In the 3rd building, adjacent to the futbol pitch, half of the floor was devoted to racing model cars (they were very good at 'drifting' in the turns) and half to flying lightweight aircraft models and drones. It was way too windy outside to attempt any aerial demonstrations.
The highlight for me, though, was finding a model kit for an SBD Dauntless, the aircraft my Dad flew in during WWII (see my blog: In a nanosecond, as she would say, D-L picked up the model and bought it for me.
I did not recall until we were almost home that today - how appropriate - is Veterans' Day in the States, Remembrance Day in Europe.

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