Monday, November 25, 2013

Transitions and overlaps

As we prepare to depart ASM for GVA, I'm struck by the ebb and flow of not only our life but those of many of our friends as well, and the ways in which we intersect.

Our intent is to spend a majority of our time in Argeles-sur-mer, though it has not quite worked out that way the past few months. There have been times we've preferred to be in Geneva for friend events, professional events, holiday celebrations. There's been some business and personal travel to other places - mine, hers, and ours - including Amsterdam, London, Milan, Dallas, Las Vegas, Washington DC, Montreal ...

But we're not the only ones. One friend couple is going up to central France to visit relatives, then off to Thailand for three weeks in the new year. Another couple, who once did a self-guided around-the-world tour, is headed for the South Seas. We haven't seen our friend Barbara since late August because we were in Geneva for September, the States in October, and Barbara's been visiting her children in Boston since early October, not returning until early December. A Danish friend who lives here just went to London for a few days, and is trying to decide when to go up to Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden.

We have a number of friends from the UK who own second homes here, and tend to come down during the summer and occasional holiday periods.

A friend in Geneva goes to California for several weeks at a time, and is planning a trip to Germany.

We try, as best we can, to plan where we'll be based somewhat on where our friends will be at the time. It's not always easy, as everyone's schedules are often in great flux.

In the spring, we're planning our honeymoon to Andorra / Monaco / San Marino / Liechtenstein - after I/we get back from Panama ... and before we go to Saint Petersburg.

Some might call us nomads. We see it more as taking advantage of our relative freedom to explore, experience, learn, enjoy the many interesting places in Europe and wherever else we'd like to see.  

However, we are looking forward to a nice long, quiet stretch in the south of France ... right after we get back from a couple weeks in Geneva.


  1. What Dc? Oh please let me know when.. We could meet for a meal! Oh Joy!!!

    1. GInger - I was in DC end of October - did not realize that's where you are. But it was only a couple quick days for a conference, client meetings, and an evening with relatives in Manassas.

      Next trip to DC probably next July, but not sure D-L will be with me for that one.