Thursday, November 21, 2013

Une miche de pain... un téléphone ... et honnêteté

What's the connection between peanut butter, French bread, and a smartphone?

After a full day in the big city (Perpignan), working with our wonderful attorney, Andre, to formally establish the business ... including a leisurely lunch (with a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-filled macaroon) at Cafe Vienne across the quai ... then a stop at the local GITEM franchise to inquire about food processors (to support my attempts to cook) ... we were discussing what to nibble on for dinner. We tend to eat larger lunches and lighter dinners.

Pizza was a quick and easy option. Then Donna-Lane expressed an interest in peanut butter ... with some "good" locally baked bread, not the processed and bagged loaves from the Carrefour grocery.

So I ambled down to the centre of centreville to see which of the boulangeries might still be open (close to 7 pm). There were a few boules left, so I ordered and asked the pleasant young lady to tranche (slice) it. When I tried to pay with a 10 Euro note, she asked if I had any coins, as the cost was only 1,35E. Just so happens I had enough change in my pocket.

Later that evening, I couldn't find my mobile phone. Tried all the usual hideouts, and finally assumed it'd fallen out of my pocket in the car. Would check in the morning when it was light (and warmer).

Then I had a hunch, and used the VoIP-Cheap on my computer to call my mobile phone's number. A woman answered. And between my petit peu francais and her little bit of anglais, I figured she was from the boulangerie and I had either dropped my phone there ... or, more likely, set it on the counter when I dug in my pocket for the coins.

Prior to heading to the boulangerie early the next morning, I Bing-translated several French phrases, such as: J'ai perdu mon téléphone mobile ici hier soir (I lost my mobile telephone here last night). Plus a few back-up phrases, such as identifying it as a Samsung model in black (noir).

At the boulangerie, I waited in line behind 3-4 other patrons, and used the time to practice, "J'ai perdu ..." When I got to the front and asked, the young lady recognized me as the idiot with the beard, and brought the phone to me forthwith.

I offered her a reward but she declined.

It's nice to know there are still honorable people around.

And the bread was very good.

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