Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who's Reading This Blog?

I recently passed 5,000 pageviews for this blog. Not an overwhelming number, considering I started it in May and have only 'marketed' it via the limited number of folks I've friended on Facebook. But a milestone nonetheless.

Readers have come from the US, Switzerland, France, and the UK, the countries where most of my friends are, but also Chile, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, and Ukraine.

The most viewed post was about The End of American Ex-Pat Influence in the World because of the onerous FATCA legislation scheduled to take effect in 2014 (http://lovinglifeineurope.blogspot.fr/2013/09/the-end-of-american-ex-pat-influence-in.html). I'm guessing this one got passed around a bit. Close runners-up included announcement of me as the Editor of IFALPA's new InterPilot magazine, and the Ogre on the Mountain fairy tale based on a tree D-L and I stumbled across in the Swiss Alps.

Here are some meaningless statistics, should you wish to compare with your own blog experience:

Types of Readers
1. Family - 1,812 pageviews
2. Friends - 2,417 pageviews
3. Facebook Friends Whom I've Never Met - 612 pageviews
4. NSA Analysts - 238 pageviews (one for each post plus a backup stored in a highly secure, undisclosed location)
5. Stalkers - 397 pageviews (1X3 for each post, plus a few 'Can you believe he did/wrote this?' re-visits)
6. Me - 172 pageviews (1 for reviewing each post plus reviews of updates for typos I found on the first review)

I'm pleased to see 37% use the Firefox browser which I favor, followed by 22% on Google Chrome, 17% on IE.

Windows computers have a command: 68% to only 20% for Mac products (Macbook, iPhone, iPad), my old friend Linux - about whom I was the first one to write in the simulation sphere - 7%, and Android a paltry 1%.

I don't write the blog to convey some grand life message, at least not directly. If you find it instructive or inspiring, glad to be of service. I write it because I enjoy capturing some of the wonderful (and occasionally not wonderful) things in my life ... and you can use your imagination for those things I don't blog about!

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