Sunday, December 29, 2013

Climbing the walls

"Scooby Two, where do you think you're going by climbing up there?" Petite Cougar demanded.

"I want to meet my dad!"

Two had managed to shimmy up the wall, all the way to the skylight, but once at the top realized that there was no exit, just solid glass. Herr Hare and Hunny Bunny had done their best mountain-climbing imitation to try to rescue him, but became stuck themselves. This was a dilemma.
"I tried to contact your father, Scooby Doo, to ask him for financial support": "He's living in Boston, in the US, on the other side of the ocean. But he sent word that he's currently unemployed, and Shaggy embezzled all the money he made shooting movies and from product endorsements. So you might as well forget about seeing him or getting any help, at least in the near future."

"Besides, we have it pretty good here. We have a warm place to live, you have plenty of room to romp around the Warren with the bunnies, and D-L and Rick take good care of us. Sometimes you even get to sleep in the big bed with them."

"Yeah, but Rick stuck me in the refrigerator in Geneva, and it was freezing!"

"Oh, it was only a joke, and it wasn't for long. J found you rather quickly."

"He stuck me in the fridge here in Argeles," added HH. "But it was okay; I ate one of his carrots."

"Well, get down from there, all of you, if you can without hurting yourself. Otherwise you'll have to wait until Rick gets back from the marche or the beach or the golf course or wherever he went because he's the only one tall enough to reach you," PC said, climbing down from her perch on the dining area chair and curling up in front of the radiator.

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